Final Post

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Gotcha! No, we’re not ending the blog. We’re just moving it again. Hopefully for the last time. Matt got the NeoZAZ website up to snuff so we moved the blog there. This is great because we now have much better control over it, and it’s much easier to mess with so we’re not offline for months at a time while Matt tinkers.

This may be the first time ever that has not been “under construction”.

So, head on over and bask in the newfound glory of Also, update your feed reader.


Album Covers of the Week Year Decade Century

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This compilation of album covers/promo pictures of Swedish dance bands from the seventies is unbelievable. I realize that every trend in fashion looks dated six months to a year later. But I think we can all agree that the seventies is shaping up to be the blackest mark on the entire previous century.

I’ve been to Sweden, and I’ve met many Swedes. They are some of the nicest, most helpful and friendliest people around. Easily as attractive and cosmopolitan as (if not moreso than) any other nationality.

So why did they produce some of the most hideously goggle-eyed, mulleted, cro-magnon-looking musicians ever to strap on polyester bell-bottoms in the seventies?

My favorites have to be the Teddy Boys, for awesome shoulder-capes:

And Andreas of Tellus, for his “Abba wig on a Neanderthal” look:

UPDATE: Also: Sideburns

The most important day in December

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More important than Christmas – more important than New Years Eve – Even more important than Dave or my Birthdays – December 7th will be the last (planned) Television broadcast of “Trailer Park Boys”.

If you don’t know what “Trailer Park Boys” is, just plain shame on you! All I’m going to take the time to say is it’s a Canadian TV show that’s entertained me for the past 3 years, and the history of the franchise as whole from it’s beginnings to this last airing (and the last movie next year) has inspired and motivated me more than more pop culture and/or cult media outlets have in over a decade.

Without further ado, here is ShowCase’s sneak peak at the last episode entitled “Say Good Night to the Bad Guys”:

… And The Dog Wasn’t Talking

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From this story:

Police searched his car, recovering pornography, a home made sex toy, women’s stockings and a Jack Russell terrier.

Your Heart Surgeon Will Thank You

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Yes, that’s right: deep-fried bacon.

I hate windows and the things that run it!

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Okay, yeah – that’s not earth shattering, nor original. But dammit, I’ve really had enough already!

Last night, once again, my machine wouldn’t boot up because the NTLDR got corrupted. To make matters worse, I guess I pushed the crappy western digital drive it was loaded on past its limits in the recovery console because once I repaired everything, the drive sorta failed after the 2nd reboot. I say sorta failed in the sense that though it was physically fine, the bios would not longer recognize it. Oddly enough, one of my SATA controller cards recognized it just fine!

Luckily, having been screwed by Windoze about 18 times this year alone, I was prepared. I had a spare hard drive on hand and an image of a fairly recent copy of the failed drive on an external HD ready – a practice I got into the past 4 months because I knew Windows with eventually **beep** me in the **beep** with a **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** Orange **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** tin **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** **beep**  ruler!

The best and I mean BEST part of all this is that this always manages to happen when I’m in the middle of something with a deadline. It NEVER happens when I’m screwing around. I was simply coding some PHP – in TXT editor no less when it happened. But yet, let me render a 27 GB MAX9 project, or a 43 layer After Effects project, while watching YouTube as I’m video chatting on Skype and downloading fifteen Fan films, and nothing ever goes wrong!

So yeah, average day for a windows user – nothing new.

I need a Mac, I know, you don’t have to remind me. Maybe one month this GD windows machine will stay up long enough that I don’t have to sink any more money into to fix something and I’ll saved enough for one.

I hate windows.

A lot.

**beep** **beep** **beep** **beep** Bill Gates.

Happy Life Day!

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That’s right, exactly 30 years ago today, the Star Wars Holiday Special aired on CBS.

If you don’t remember this classic, there’s probably a good reason.

If you need a refresher, here’s all you need to know about the Holiday Special compressed into 5 Minutes:

10 years ago, I would have written how much this special sucked and ruined a large part of the Star Wars universe. But that was before Episodes I, II, and III – now it’s just “par for the course” for anything produced outside of the original trilogy.